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Welcome to Scalea and welcome to Calabria, the region of the two seas (Tyrrhenian and Ionian) and the four parks (Pollino, Sila, Aspromonte and Serre), the heart of Magna Graecia and the tip of The Boot that was first called by the Greeks: Italy. Welcome to the land that hosts the Riace Bronzes and Tropea , 2021 Italian most beautiful village, where in every province, Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia, you can discover an infinity of excavations and archaeological remains that testify of cultures and traditions of peoples who have succeeded one another here over thousands of years: Enotri, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Angevins and Aragonese.

Wecome to the homeland of Sopressata, Nduja, goat cheese from Apromonte and Caciocavallo di Ciminà, Clementines, cedar and licorice, chili and black pudding, mostaccioli, pitta and truffle from Pizzo, honey from Sila, of noble wines such as Cirò, Verbicaro, Anghillà and Scilla: 268 typical regional products and 26 wines, all in a single territory where, unique in Italy, the sea and the high mountains embrace each other to create a unique climate that makes Calabria a destination for exciting stays at any time of the year, a place where you can experience nature, sometimes wild in a surprising way.

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What to see in Calabria

Here a list of must-see places, all in Calabria and its immediate vicinities, to visit and some activities that will leave you speechless:

• Isola di Dino
• Diamante
• Orsomarso
• Santa Maria del Cedro
• Tropea
• Maratea
• Reggio Calabria (Lungomare e Bronzes of Riace)
• Santuario di San Francesco di Paola

• Isola di Cirella
• Guardia Piemontese Thermal Baths
• Grotta del Romito a Papasidero
• Parco Nazionale del Pollino
• Parco Nazionale della Sila
• Parco Nazionale dell’Aspromonte
• Parco Naturale delle Serre

• Parco Marino della Riviera dei Cedri
• Certosa di Padula
• Rossano Calabro
• Grotte di Pertosa
• Area marina protetta di Capo Rizzuto
• Rafting sul fiume Lao



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