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Santa Caterina Village was among the first buildings in Italy to offer a complete entertainment and show service which over the years has also represented the launch pad for many young people, then young entertainers and who today have become established artists in the national field. An engaging and at the same time discreet and never intrusive animation, which offers from the early hours of the morning until late evening, many and different moments of fun organized ad hoc for all ages: from gentle and relaxing gymnastics done on a green lawn up to 'water aerobics in the pool, from games on the beach to those before and after lunch, through card games and relaxation.

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Santa-caterina-village-scalea-kidsChildren and boys

Kids of the mini-club, kids of the Junior, all adults of all ages, everyone will have the opportunity, in total safety and if desired, to participate to many types of activities and moments of aggregation, together with many entertainers who are always smiling and ready to keep you entertained.

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balloMusic and Dance

One of the strength of our animation is that of dance and music in general. Caribbean and Latin American, ballroom dancing and disco from the 1960s to the present day: in dedicated moments and spaces, everyone can give vent to their passion for movement to the beat of music. Every evening, finally, live music, after the show in the amphitheater, will transform our garden into a real "party room" where you can have fun until you drop, dancing and singing.

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Santa-caterina-village-scalea-showThe evening show

Every evening, for the whole summer, our Greek-style amphitheatre, accessible to all and equipped with seats that can accommodate up to 1000 people, will turn on its lights and raise its curtain to let you experience the emotions of a show that you will enjoy, dream and, day after day, give everyone the opportunity to become the protagonist on stage with games, cabaret, musicals, comedies, fairy tales for children and teenagers, musical evenings and parodies. And if the weather is not favourable, no problem: everyone in the conference room!

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sportSport and Tournaments

Few facilities in Italy can boast such a wide range of sports suitable for everyone: whether it is land or sea, we have the most suitable activity for you. Which you can practice without leaving Santa Caterina’s. For mini and junior clubs, the practice of almost all sports (and even E-Sport) is included in their program while each adult can choose to participate in courses held by qualified instructors or simply in tournaments and competitions whose winners they will be awarded at the weekend in the theater.
What sports can you practice? Fitness, Soccer, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Archery, Table Tennis, Bowls, Sup, Wind surfing, Canoe and Diving. If you prefer something more sedentary then cards, checkers and chess are waiting for you.

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