Mini Club

The place for a perfect family holiday is where everyone can plays his favourite activities in the most suitable rooms: starting from children  

Baby club is our flagship
3 age-brackets (3/5, 6/8, 9/11) with at least two operators per each one, it depends from the number of children.
Different plays and didactic activities, depending from children  ages.
Sport activities  such as football, tennis, volley, archery, bowl, sailing boat, depending from children  ages
Snack in the afternoons
Artistic activities in order to stage the children’s week end play
Baby dance in the evening

Children have their own spaces, such us:
Central playground
Playground on the beach
Round swimming pool with water slide
TV lounge
Indoor baby club area
Video games terrace

Santa Caterina is a paradise for the little ones (0/3 year-old babies)
Mini open air restaurant  with natural food, skilled staff, and high chairs at tables
Shallow swimming pool (30 cm high) in dependence building.
Small pinewood trees to let children relax in pine shadow
All these things are included in the Club Card
Baby sitter service on payment